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Mame Wells:

mameandcompany Mame Wells grew up in a family of music lovers, singing in the car on road trips, doodling with various instruments strewn about the house, and listening to everything from classical, to folk, standards to broad way musicals, and country to jazz. It wasn't surprising that Mame would pick up the beat. She taught herself the basics of playing guitar, but found her best instrument was her voice.

From the age of 14, Mame played in coffee houses and other venues, then graduated to pubs and restaurants. Ultimately, she was playing regularly with various duo's and trio's, then really spread her wings playing rock and roll with full bands.

After working for many years with long-time friend and bass player John Moisuk in Two For The Show, and the very talented lead guitarist Steve Vergati in The VW Express, Mame decided to launch a different kind of musical experience, where she would have the opportunity to work with different musicians, with different tastes in music, in different venues.

This is Mame & Company! Having the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians around is very exciting. Having the chance to share that experience with the people of the Connecticut shoreline is fantastic!

Keeping Mame company and making it all possible:

Bill Carroll

Bill Carroll: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Sandy Connolly

Sandy Connolly: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Chris Garrington

Chris Garrington: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Tom Knapp

Tom Knapp: Lead Guitar and Vocals, Harmonica, Sax and Flute


Joe Montalto: Lead Guitar and Vocals

Johnny Murphy

Johnny Murphy: Bass, general mischief and mayhem

John Pendergast

John Pendergast: Lead Guitar, Vocals and Violin

Roland Pepin

Roland Pepin: Keyboards and Bass

Special Guests: Robbie G (Lead Guitar, Vocals and Percussion); Eric Majewski (Lead Guitar and Vocals) Heather Lee Fucci (Lead Vocals); Lily Stockwell (Lead Vocals); Dave Quick (Lead Guitar and Vocals); Bobby Nap (Guitar and Vocals)